Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SugarPlums FIRST Giveaway!

Tell us your most favorite holiday moment! It can be cute, sad....funny...even beautiful!

THEN....my staff will read each one and choose the one that made the biggest impression...what do you win????

WHY OUR SUGARPLUMS SIGNATURE CAKE OF COURSE! A value at $34.95...comes gift boxed in our custom hat box for the holidays!! You can choose to send as a gift...or keep it for yourself! We will ship out during the month of December...but well before Christmas if you want! Get started now....contest ends November 20th!

Ready???? Go!!!!!


Anonymous said...

There's so many.....but one that continues today in a different way..THE BACK DOOR.....when we were kids, presents time was over so quickly, and then soon we would hear THE BACK DOOR open and Grandma and Grandpa Inman would arrive. We'd share the excitement, and then....mom, grandma, and the girls would get dinner around. Well, mostly Mom with a little help from Grandma, us girls were too busy fighting over setting the table with the good china. Fast forward 20 years.....Grandma and Grandpa are probably looking down with smiles as WE are the ones opening THE BACK DOOR, stumbling over ourselves with the excitement of being back at Mom and Dad's (now called Honeybunch and Papa) and sharing the excitement, and of course the ...dinner ! Now, I have graduated from table setter to gravy stirrer and baker of the scalloped corn. Mom still does most of the dinner !

Covered in Chocolate Bakery Shoppe said...

When I first got together with my guy we really didn't celebrate holidays together. The first 10 years together He worked at the time for the State and was one without 'children' so he always worked the holidays in a double shift so others with families could be at home with them. It was always a rush before he left for work to open the few presents we got for each other and those that my family sent from Missouri.

During our 3rd year together about two months before Christmas we happen to be at Lowes for some minor item and were walking the aisles looking at things.

We were in the lighting department and he saw a desk lamp and said "oh that is really, really nice" and proceeded to play with it, I replied oh that is really cool I like that a lot". Marking in my mind "Yay he likes something like that and it would make a great Christmas Present" A month later I ran to do my Xmas shopping and picked up the lamp, got home wrapped it, quickly putting it under the Tree that I had put up a few days before with wrapped presents for a handful of our friends, knowing he would not notice another package under the tree.

Christmas morning arrived and after he got ready for work (it was going to be a long day and evening since he was going to be doing two shifts in one day) we sat down to open our presents. I opened a few from my family and he open a few of the ones they had sent to him also.

Then he reached down and gave me a fairly large box to open. I read the card and it was his present to me. Joy oh Joy! I had no clue what he got me...all I hoped was it wasn't an appliance. But it was heavy like an appliance ~ LOL my exhubby always got me a new 'appliance' he thought that was the idea gift for a wife. NOT for christmas LOL anyhow,

I said "Okay you have to open your present from me at the same time". So I slid his fairly large box over to him to open. We both slowly unwrapped our presents, watching each other out the corner of our eyes to see the others reaction to their lovely gift. I don't remember who Laughed first but our Matching Desk Lamps for one desk were the gift I'll always remember as two hearts with one thought: to please the one who matters the most in our life.

If I win Please donate my cake to a local Homeless Shelter so that they may have a wonderful sweet treat in their days of hard times.

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