Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Sugar High Haunting Halloween! is the day we customarily "Pass the Sugar"!!! LOL!
What about all of those who say, sugar is a bit too much...junk food! I say...never mind the
"ramifications" of the goodies...enjoy them...create some memories for your young ones..and worry about tomorrow..well, later!
May SugarPlums wish you a "Happy Haunting" this Halloween and in true tradition, may you
enjoy the liberties of becoming someone or something else this eve! We are looking forward to the start of a fabulous holiday season sharing some of SugarPlums finest creations yet!
Check back often for our "give aways" and discounts over the next few weeks!
Let us know how your "halloween" has been celebrated ...we would love the input!

Monday, October 26, 2009

"Sweet" Isn't All About the Calories!

Today is Monday, the 26th of October...and I have finally made a discovery..most of you already know it!?! SWEETS doesn't have to be just about the "goodies like cakes, pies and candies" that make up those empty calories! TODAY I welcomed my 12th darling grandchild into the world...what a SWEET BLESSING! Sugar comes in all forms...and on this earth, we can stand a little more "sweetness" any way we can get it! Life is full of sweetness you have some to share too!?! So I say..."Pass the Sugar" PLEASE and let us know what is "Sweet" in your life!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Holidays are Upon Us...Wow..

Wasn't it just a day or so ago I made the "fall" announcement!

Well...Here are just a few of the cuppies SugarPlums is offering for the fall and winter

holidays! Share some of your favs with us too!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finally...the Fall Cuppies are Here!, today is it!

Fall is in the air, the rain has stopped, everything outside is "Fresh and New",
Try a Chocolate Ginger Cupcake...a White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha Cupcake..
Of course, Thanksgiving would not be complete without the addition of our Pumpkin
Cream Cheese Cuppie or our Sweet Potato Cupcake with Marshmello Icing!
Drooling yet????Get your order in today! Share with us YOUR favorite Fall or Holiday
Cupcake...oooops...forgot "Santa's Favorite"...our Eggnog Cupcake..(Yep..has a bit of
the "spirit" of Christmas in it too! LOL!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A NEW LOOK EVERYWHERE! again, my apologies for the delayed post!
I have been soooo busy! NOT complaining! The orders are good. BUT...thought you all should know, not only is SugarPlums CupCakery creating a "new look" with our all new brick/mortar
building here in Milford, Ohio...BUT...TEAM EEAT...the fabulous Etsy Edible Arts Team has a new look too...and alot of new goodies in which you can induldge! Take a few minutes to visit our blog on ning...and make sure to get your holiday orders in early! Oh...and DON'T "slobber" all over the keyboard! Bring a napking along! LOL!

Monday, October 12, 2009

For the LOVE of Etsy!

There is just the perfect place on the gather round with a cup of coffee or tea...

and....go shopping!

For Breakfast...Lunch...Dinner AND Dessert!


Always wanted to order yummy goodies online??? Just not sure how to find the best?!

Take a peek here...Etsy has a fabulous team consisting of around 40 of the top Food

Art Creations...purely edible and "OH SO GOOD"!!! TEAM EEAT!!!!

Here is the link...take a peak...but better have a napkin handy to "wipe up the drool"

from your computer! OH...and by the way...they are having a BAKE SALE...take a look!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

SugarPlums Gives Back....

And so should you!

SugarPlums CupCakery is proud to sponsor...Little Miss for a Cure! Making Strides for Breast Cancer here in Cincinnati!

Today, very early in the morning over 52 of our best friends and family, turned out to participate in a walk for "The Cause" ...the platform of our Miss Cincinnati's National American Miss 2007. Miss Mikayla Colwell. Congratulations on your continued work for a great cause Mikayla!!!! Here is the link should you want to donate ...even a $5.00 donation will go a long way to support this important work!

Our "Little Miss" who started it all for you with her proud father...Lonnie. Let's help give Mikayla and her platform just a little boost! The link is available all year!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another day...another cupcake!

It is finally over...the day that is. Finished baking cupcakes, a variety of course, for one of Cincinnati's lovely brides! She will be tasting, Cinnamon and Sugar filled with Bavarian Cream...French Vanilla with Madagascar Icing...Vanilla filled with Strawberry Cream...of course, Simply Delicious (our Vanilla/Vanilla) and our Orange CreamScicle!!! If she doesn't fall in love...THEN...we will go to the Chocolates!!! A Ganache...a Fudge Buttercream...Mocha...Chocolate Bavarian...the possibilities are endless!

The thing is....SugarPlums gives samples to MANY of our "Bride to Be" gals...and, if they choose to go somewhere else (BUT REALLY who would!?!) then we could be out alot of time and money! Just thought I would share this with those of you entreprenuers who indulge in the
flavors of "Wedded Bliss"!!! Any thoughts to share???

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finally....the Sugar has been Passed our Way!

I realize it has been a while since I have posted. I do apologize. The "Ups and Downs" of owning a brick and mortar location...with a partner!?!

During the last month there have been quite a few changes at the CupCakery. First, I no longer have a is now ALL my family business. Next...I might have mentioned opening a Party Room...(for which there are already reservations)...Well...the opportunity has been presented for SugarPlums to move our brick and mortar location just down the road to 1241 SR 131, Milford, OH 45150 and it is a "free standing" LARGE brick building WITH a DRIVE THROUGH!!! YEAH!!! We are Sooooo excited! BUT...with the move comes alot of inconveniences for our customers and ALOT of work for our contractor and ourselves.

In an attempt to make it a bit easier for our loyal customers....we are still accepting ONLINE ORDERS and TELEPHONE ORDERS and will deliver them free of charge in the Cincinnati area.
Yes...we are still filling all the "pending" orders and delivering them to our customers too...and YES...we still do our fabulous SugarPlums Cakes and Special Occasion cakes to order! (We are doing a 1939 Truck as we speak and a Transformer B.D. Cake too!!!) (Pics to follow of course).

Moving a business is worse than moving a family of 25 years in the same location! There are boxes to pack ...some for the new location..some with items available to us for use to continue to fill orders. Machines weighing 800 lbs and more...ugh....and then new gas lines, electrical connections...well, you can imagine. Walls coming down...walls going being changed...and ALL ON A BUDGET! After all, we must sell alot of cupcakes to pay for this move LOL!!!!

Thanks to ALL OF YOU...we are willing and able to make the move to a "Bigger and Better" SugarPlums CupCakery...full of life and of course...THE PARTY ROOM!!!!
Our new cases will be stocked with more cupcakes....AND...special occasion cakes along with our
Signature SugarPlums BerriLicious cakes ready to pick up and take with you on your next visit!

We are so excited about sharing the holidays with all of for our Grand will be a blast!!

Email us @; or give us a call @ 513-248-cake with any questions...or just to say "HI"! We miss you all and can't wait to share "THE SWEET LIFE" with you each and every day again soon!!!!