Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Everyone is in the Cupcake Business!

So, SugarPlums CupCakery participated in Cincinnati's First Annual Chocolate Festival this past weekend! To our surprise...everyone, including most of the candy vendors, are in the cupcake business!! Sure...if you are a certified pastry chef, or even a great mom, you know how to make a cupcake. be a "professional" at baking cupcakes, there are many secrets! Top of the list is knowing which ingredients compliment each other, which ingredients are quality ingredients, and where to get those quality ingredients to insure freshness and flavors abound!!!

We want to know what YOU think! Post a response and let's see what happens!!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A new beginning in the New Year!

Finally...the new location for our brick/mortar is "officially" opening! We will be adding quite a bit to the menu...with 7 cases, 3 of which are refrigerated...SugarPlums CupCakery will now be offering such tempting treats as...Cassata Cake, Canollis, Carrot Cake, and our favorite...our "Crazy Cake"! (Three layers of French Vanilla cake, Chocolate Dream Cake and Banana cake..separated by a lucious Bavarian Cream Filling and topped with our White Chocolate Buttercream!!!
Our sister company, Carousel Cookies, will also be fillling our cases with Spritz cookies, Chocolate Suicide Brownies, Lemon Bars, Chocolate Ginger and Snickerdoodle cookies to name a few!
Designer cookies will also be available to order for your special occassions!
Opening day, January 5, 2010...hours...10am to 6pm Tues thru Sat..Sun/Mon by appt.
Stop in and see us! The coffee and tea by the cup...FREE!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SugarPlums FIRST Giveaway!

Tell us your most favorite holiday moment! It can be cute, sad....funny...even beautiful! staff will read each one and choose the one that made the biggest impression...what do you win????

WHY OUR SUGARPLUMS SIGNATURE CAKE OF COURSE! A value at $34.95...comes gift boxed in our custom hat box for the holidays!! You can choose to send as a gift...or keep it for yourself! We will ship out during the month of December...but well before Christmas if you want! Get started now....contest ends November 20th!

Ready???? Go!!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Settling in for the Holidays!

Now that the "Ghosts and Goblins" have gone back to sleep for a is time we "Pass the Sugar" again and get settled in for a wonderful holiday season. When times are more "lean"...we find comfort in our family and friends...being creative...and sharing good food!

Thanksgiving is just a short 3 weeks away...let us each list something for which we are Thankful!

I will start....I am thankful for the blessing of a loving God, a healthy family and an understanding community of business associates (both online and locally).

What are you thankful for today? Well....every day...let's "Pass the Sugar"!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Sugar High Haunting Halloween! is the day we customarily "Pass the Sugar"!!! LOL!
What about all of those who say, sugar is a bit too much...junk food! I say...never mind the
"ramifications" of the goodies...enjoy them...create some memories for your young ones..and worry about tomorrow..well, later!
May SugarPlums wish you a "Happy Haunting" this Halloween and in true tradition, may you
enjoy the liberties of becoming someone or something else this eve! We are looking forward to the start of a fabulous holiday season sharing some of SugarPlums finest creations yet!
Check back often for our "give aways" and discounts over the next few weeks!
Let us know how your "halloween" has been celebrated ...we would love the input!

Monday, October 26, 2009

"Sweet" Isn't All About the Calories!

Today is Monday, the 26th of October...and I have finally made a discovery..most of you already know it!?! SWEETS doesn't have to be just about the "goodies like cakes, pies and candies" that make up those empty calories! TODAY I welcomed my 12th darling grandchild into the world...what a SWEET BLESSING! Sugar comes in all forms...and on this earth, we can stand a little more "sweetness" any way we can get it! Life is full of sweetness you have some to share too!?! So I say..."Pass the Sugar" PLEASE and let us know what is "Sweet" in your life!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Holidays are Upon Us...Wow..

Wasn't it just a day or so ago I made the "fall" announcement!

Well...Here are just a few of the cuppies SugarPlums is offering for the fall and winter

holidays! Share some of your favs with us too!!