Friday, October 2, 2009

Another day...another cupcake!

It is finally over...the day that is. Finished baking cupcakes, a variety of course, for one of Cincinnati's lovely brides! She will be tasting, Cinnamon and Sugar filled with Bavarian Cream...French Vanilla with Madagascar Icing...Vanilla filled with Strawberry Cream...of course, Simply Delicious (our Vanilla/Vanilla) and our Orange CreamScicle!!! If she doesn't fall in love...THEN...we will go to the Chocolates!!! A Ganache...a Fudge Buttercream...Mocha...Chocolate Bavarian...the possibilities are endless!

The thing is....SugarPlums gives samples to MANY of our "Bride to Be" gals...and, if they choose to go somewhere else (BUT REALLY who would!?!) then we could be out alot of time and money! Just thought I would share this with those of you entreprenuers who indulge in the
flavors of "Wedded Bliss"!!! Any thoughts to share???


Vanessa said...

That is awesome. I wish I lived near you and was getting married ha ha!! Those samples sound delish. The orange cream .. wow!

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